Stronger Than Sum photo 1

“Over the decades, guitar rock has evolved and matured into dozens of genres and subgenres. The torch has been carried by countless people of all walks of life. Piano rock, however, is still in its infancy. It has sounded the same for the last forty years. We’re here to push the piano trio to new limits. We’re here to be the forefront of the evolution of piano rock,” explains Chris Plietz, one of the members of Stronger Than Sum.

Stronger Than Sum is Chris (keys/vocals), Alex Chung (drums/vocals), and Mike Holley (bass/vocals). “We’re starting from scratch. Removing all pre-conceived notions of what a song should be and just playing what feels right…for better or worse” laughs Mike. “The goal here is to drop our individual egos and to keep pushing the fold together. We even named our band after this,” adds Alex.

Stronger Than Sum released their first EP in 2014 and their second EP, The Heyday, on October 25, 2016.